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If you are overweight and have tried many diffferent eating plans over the years, we reckon you just need a set of boundaries that are easy to comply with and don't require a huge amount of expense or effort on your part.  The IHG Idiot Proof Diet is how Sue lost 45kgs and we share it with all of our Gymmers.  We've also got a book of simple recipes to back it up.

Your body gets better with use and in Spartan! it's the only piece of equipment you need.  We'll teach you how to use it to it's full potential and like all of our sessions, we train with you all day.

Two streams of training running ALL DAY.  HIIT! for those of you who need to start with the week with a metabolism blaster and Sculpt'N'Tone for those who want to start their training week with a structured mix of weights & cardio.  WE TRAIN WITH YOU ALL DAY.

  1. 90% of you want to "lose weight and tone up".

  2. The higher your muscle mass, the faster your metabolism.

  3. You WON'T end up looking like a man.

  4. Resistance training gives you more energy day to day (it's a science thing - if you want to know how it works, ask one of your trainers).

  5. Being strong gives you confidence.

  6. Strong muscles = strong bones (fact)

  7. Attention to your strength now will set you up for a healthier life.

  8. It's nice to get rid of those bingo wings....

  9. A saggy butt doesn't suit ANYONE.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS meets INDOOR BOOTCAMP meets Sue's favourite XFIT - Friday's FAST & FIT will be a great way to start your weekend.  We'll push some boundaries, learn some new stuff and have a great time doing it. 30 minutes is all you need.


Held on Tuesdays (5.30pm) and Sundays (8.30am) FOUNDATIONS is suitable for new and advanced runners.  Runnning is a skill you learn.  We do all the foundation work as a group - leg conditioning, intervals and occasionally, a group shog.  We train together as a squad and EVERYONE is welcome.  $5 per head.  For more info, contact us at itshergym@itshergym.com.au Non members are welcome!


Twilight Tabata is on Wednesdays at 6.40pm.....short, sharp and to the point, Tabata is a HIIT Session that will get your metabolism firing and increase your body's fat burning potential. FREE EXTRA session for all gymmers and casuals/guests are welcome at $10.  MIXED SESSION.

7am - MegaFit - HIIT at it's best.

8am and 9am - Sculpt Weight Training

10am - 12 noon FAST FEET HIIT / OPEN GYM

Registrations are essential for Super Saturday MegaFit and Sculpt Sessions.  Guests always welcome!