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September 17, 2019

November 21, 2018

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Happy New Rear!

November 21, 2018

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It's a long, long journey and sometimes, you need to change your map....

December 2, 2018

Long read warning!!!


One thing I've learnt through my battle with my food, weight and health issues is that at different times, I go through different mindsets.  The need to constantly readjust is always there.  Studies prove that only 2-3% of people who lose over 20kgs will keep it off long term.  Why? Because I believe there are several "stages" of weightloss that are used in isolation by most programs when in fact, there are several that come into play at different times - over and over again.


At first, most of us will need to adopt what we think are pretty strict boundaries in order to create a new normal when it comes to eating what's in line with our weightloss goals.  By sticking to really good healthy foods at the start, we learn how it feels not only physically but emotionally to be a "cleaner" being.  We can learn how certain foods affect our emotions as well as our waistlines.  An example? I love a drink.  BUT I now know that with menopause thrown into the mix, it makes me quite anxious and depressed up to 3 days after I've embibed. We'll also need to set ourselves new organisational goals when it comes to shopping for meals and scheduling regular exercise.  Water intake needs to increase and we also need to look at sleep (or lack thereof) habits.


If you're significantly overweight, it's a lack of boundaries that get you into trouble in the first place - be honest with yourself. That's why we pay money to join some sort of program (gym, online, etc.) that shows us - usually via testimonials - proof that others have adopted that same program and achieved the sorts of results we are after.  


Our control over our food intake is the hardest part to come to terms with.  When you confront WHY you overeat - you're one step closer to being in control.  A good friend and IHG Member said to me last week - "I eat in front of the television of a night because I'm bored.  Wow - I finally said it out loud.  That makes it real.  I need to address my boredom!".  


I'm exactly the same except I not only eat when I'm bored; I eat when I'm stressed and angry too.  Back to the picture of the burger and the beer....


In the past few weeks, I've changed my mindset - it's been slow and it's still happening but it's finally working. You see, I've put on 7 kgs in the last year. I'll blame menopause but it's my emotional reaction to menopause that's the real problem .I've owned my issues when it comes to food.  I've got a "to do" list that changes daily so there's my boredom taken care of.  I'm not getting stressed over things I can't control - usually scenarios that involve other people and their actions.  If I'm unsure of a situation, rather than make up problems in my own head - I'm asking the hard questions.  


Ok - I won't digress anymore.  Yesterday, I had a fantastic Christmas function planned with some great friends.  I got up at 4.45am and went to an empty IHG and did some weights.  Then there was the IHG Fun Run - and it was - FUN.  I did a few laps of the course on my own after the event was over.  Then I prettied myself up for lunch.  I drank a few bevvies, ate a pulled pork burger (and even the small serve of chips that accompanied it) and then...wait for it...had a chocolate brownie with ice-cream for desert!


I got home, changed into my pj's and watched a bit of telly.  THEN I MADE THE DECISION THAT TELLS ME THAT I'VE GOT MY HEAD BACK IN THE GAME - I had a plate of vegetables for dinner and drank a heap of water.  "Me" last month would've continued on the downhill slide and had utter rubbish for dinner and drank a few more bevvies. Results for this week? 800gms on the scales and definitely losing cms.


Having my cheat meal in the middle of the day meant I wasn't going to bed over-fuelled and bloated. Because I'd exercised earlier in the day, I'd created a calorie deficit.  The plate of vegetables and water meant that I didn't end up with a gnawing empty feeling.


WHEN you take in all the factors of why you overeat , only then can you own it, face it, and deal with it intelligently.  Sticking to strict boundaries at the start is - I believe - of great significance to some chronic over-eaters.  By sticking to strict boundaries, they see results on the scales which reinforces that the boundaries are working.  That's why shake diets, pills, and potions with high price tags are so popular - but the results rarely last a lifetime.  What these programs often don't deliver is a new map for the rest of the journey.





Right now, I'm feeling pretty pleased with my map.  Sure, there will be detours and potholes along the way but "Route 67" was never going to be a straight, flat highway. 







Sue is the owner of IHG.  She used to weigh 108kgs and at age 41, embarked on the program of self-awareness and development that would see her control her weight for the longest period of her life.

She move to Bendigo because it has one of the highest percentages of obesity amongst it's population in the country.  It's where she decided she could do the most good for women in the same predicament as herself.

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