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September 17, 2019

November 21, 2018

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Happy New Rear!

November 21, 2018

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I made a promise to myself for my daughter's sake and my own...

February 11, 2019

"My name is Rachel.  I'm a single mum and my sole focus for the last four years has been raising my daughter .




I’d had enough and honestly I was ready to change. It was getting so disheartening being a young mum who was struggling to keep up with her daughter. It wasn’t even about losing weight for me at the start, just getting fit and healthy and if weight loss happened then great. I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in my body; as I hadn’t since having my daughter.


I CHOSE IT’S HER GYM BECAUSE I had seen It’s Her Gym all over Facebook for some time and had been going back and forth for months as to whether to contact the gym. But after reading the reviews and finding out they were different to the big gyms that intimidated me, I was 100% sure it was the right place for me. I also used to watch the videos Sue would post and connected with so much of what she was saying and she was managing to get through to me even through a screen, so I knew I’d be in good hands.


My first goal was to lose 15kgs by my daughter's 4th birthday and I did it.


(This is the picture of my scales that I sent to Sue on the day of her birthday.  I know Sue had a bit of a teary.)


I'VE LEARNT that slow and steady really does win the race. If you make the small changes, they honestly do start adding up and as Sue says they become your new “normal” and you can’t even remember how it was before. I’ve learnt that my body is capable of much more than I give it credit for.


I’ve learnt to go easy on myself, no longer do I beat myself up for days about a bad food choice, I simply tell myself tomorrow is a new day and I’ll do better.



Don’t look at everyone around you and wish you were as fit as them or as fast as them, because everyone starts somewhere and they may have just been on their journey longer. The gym is full of so many supportive women and there has never been a day where I haven’t felt supported and I’ve never felt any judgement or pressure to be anyone but ME."



"Rachel is like a sponge.  She soaked up every bit of information we gave her.  She made her gym visits and new "normal" a priority.  She organised a family member to mind her daughter for the 40 mins she needed to get to the gym.  She - despite huge financial constraints - learnt new ways to shop and cook for her and her daughter.  There were tears, there were hard days but not once did Rachel expect anyone to do this for her nor did she make excuses for bad choices.  The saying "If it's meant to be, it's up to me" could have been written for her.  I did cry when she sent me the pic of the scales at 74.9kgs - her first goal.



I had a chat to Liezel who is a gymmer and owner of Allura - the wonderful salon and beauty centre across the road from IHG. 


Between us, we decided to give Rachel a long overdue makeover.  Rachel hadn't had a professional colour, facial or any sort of pampering for many years.  Jenna  (Allura hair technician and beauty therapist) spent 4 hours working with Rachel giving her the look she wanted.  We all had a little cry when Rachel looked into the mirror for the first time.


 From me to you "Tingles":



Your confidence in yourself has grown so much.  You're back at school studying for a career in early childhood education and your daughter had an incredible role-model in you."


PS: You are beautiful in every sense of the word.

- Sue xx




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