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September 17, 2019

November 21, 2018

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November 21, 2018

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Kelly's "This time next year...."

September 8, 2019



50kg in a little over a year, I still can’t believe it myself!! Can you imagine carrying a 50kg person on your back all day?


I can’t believe I became so overweight and truly don’t understand how I allowed it to happen. Reality check time... looking back I suppose it was pretty easy.

Life gets in the way I guess. I always said I was Russian (rushin’ here and rushin’ there!!) I was happy and content, a beautiful family, a wonderful career, a registered nurse giving of myself everyday, life was good. So how did it happen?? I guess I allowed my entire focus to be solely on others and lost myself along the way. 



 I always thought of myself as active; physically demanding job, walked or rode my bike often, played social basketball and netball... as I got heavier the less I was able to do those things and it was no longer enjoyable. It also didn’t come without a cost, I developed painful plantar fasciitis, achy joints, even getting through an 8 hour shift on my feet was painful. My feet, knees, hips and back was screaming at me, I blamed the hard floors. Not once did I consider the 128.5kg on my size 9.5 feet was to blame!!! 


So I became less active and I didn’t really adjust my calorie intake, I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted and as much as I wanted. I ate when I was hungry, when I wasn’t hungry, when I was sad, upset, stressed, happy or did I mentioned stressed?? Mindless eating. My emotional eating was likely programmed from a young age, it was a comfort and a reward at times. 


I was 46 years old (I felt 76). I saw older persons enter the hospital barely able to walk, barely able to climb up on the bed, with multiple ailments and on so many medications. I decided I did not want that for myself, I needed to change.  I didn’t want to be fat and old but as a wise woman once said to me quite simply  - "you wouldn’t have been". It is so true, my own maternal grandmother died of a massive heart attack at age 54, that was only 8 years into my own future....


So,  pain everyday and a very bleak future of ill health was my motivator. I made changes to my diet and started moving everyday. I changed my priorities by making MYSELF a priority. 


I used to get bogged down and over complicate meal plans, get overwhelmed and  then give up!! Low carb, high protein, don’t eat this or that, shakes, teas and I even  tried some pills.  Some worked for a short time but usually that had something to do with the COST rather than my own motivation. I wised up.  Now I eat a whole lot less, meal size on a small plate and ensure protein is incorporated in every meal because it really does keep you fuller for longer. Less processed foods, the more natural the better, if it comes in a packet with a long list of ingredients it’s probably not good for you (but you know all that right?).


For all the other women who are  ‘Russian’ and focused on everyone but yourself I would say just get started.  Small changes to start with and new habits repeated is what works.  One week leads into the next, one month into the next, and next thing you know, you've got your very own "this time next year".


You have to make changes or nothing will change.  You've heard that a gazillion times I'm sure.  You need to start moving everyday too.  Like Sue, I just started walking.  It was slow and hard at first but I went further and further everyday and then started walking twice a day.  I used the good old 10,000 steps as my guide.


Then I decided I was ready to do more - I wanted to tone up and get stronger.  I've been to a few gyms in my time and got bored.  Same program every day, every week, every month - oh you could pay more for a new program ...you know the story.


At IHG we train differently everyday which I love.  You can modify and move at your own pace with no judgement.  My body is now capable of things I never thought possible and guess what? I'm pain free!!!


Exercise is a priority for me and I ensure I fit it around my shiftwork (even after a long night shift).  I love how I feel and I am worth it.  


I was going to say I'm a different person but I'm not.  I'm the same person with a different focus and a different future.


"Kelly's story is typical of many IHG members.  We work closely with our members to establish new habits and mindsets as well as provide first-class training.  It's not just a "gym". It's a sanctuary, it's a place of work, it's a community it's a good habit to get into." - Sue Walton (IHG). 


If you'd like to get started with us, activate a free pass via this link.  It costs nothing to talk.



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